Inlet pipe

Part ID: saf0110

This is a new Weldon inlet pipe for stand.

Item Type:

Complete Brass Ram (Head)

Part ID: SAF0118

This is the complete brass ram for flap on head

Item Type: Safalla

Nut brass ram

Part ID: saf0112

Replacement nut to hold in brass ram.

Item Type:

Complete M/Z Valve

Part ID: saf0111

Replacement Complete 4″ M/Z Valve

Item Type:

Replacement Lid M/Z Valve

Part ID: SAF0106

Replacement lid for 4″ MZ valve on Safalla Arm and Slurry Master Reeler

Item Type: Safalla

Replacement Swivel joint (safalla arm & Slurrymaster)

Part ID: SAF0105

This is the 4″ swivel joint for the safalla ram & the slurrymaster reeler .

Item Type: Safalla

Replacement Tongue 4″ M/Z Valve

Part ID: SAF0104

This is the sealing tongue inside the 4″ M/Z valve (Safalla & Slurrymaster reeler)

Item Type: Safalla

Replacement Main body M/Z Valve.

Part ID: SAF0103

This is the replacement body for the 4″ M/Z valve (Safalla ram & Slurrymaster reeler)

Item Type: Safalla

Brass ram replacement (piston & seal only)

Part ID: SAF0108

Brass piston & seal only for brass ram on head

Item Type:

Main hyd Ram Replacement Safalla arm ( Ram only)

Part ID: SAF0109

This is the main lifting ram for the Safalla arm without pipe & valaves

Item Type: Safalla